Friday, July 31, 2009

Mah Little Planner...

I just informed my big kids that we're going to take a little trip to Omaha next week. Just to get out of town and see something new. So far, our plans include the zoo and the children's museum. And a hotel.

My six-year-old daughter is sitting across the table from me making a list of things to pack. The following are excerpts of our conversation:

Do we need to pack blankets or will the hotel have them?


Are we taking a plane? Please tell me we're taking a plane.

No plane. It only takes about three hours to drive there. But you can take some movies to watch in the car.

Okay. Should we take three? Or maybe just two. Probably just two. And we can stop for gas if we need to. Right? We'll probably need to stop for gas two times. Maybe three times. Wait here! I have to go get the United States map puzzle to see where we're going. To see how far we're going. Stay here.


Do we need to take soap, conditioner and towels?

The hotel has that stuff, baby. Remember the little shampoos that Daddy brings home when he goes out of town? They have that at all hotels.


I'm going to put "balls" on the list for the babies. Do they have silverware at the hotel?


This is going to be a long five days...

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