Saturday, July 4, 2009

Nature (in My House)

About a week or so ago, my two older kids and I went for a walk. It was mostly just to kill time and get out of the house before bed. I grabbed my camera and asked the kids to tell what to take pictures of. There wasn't much happening on our wooded walking trail that evening, so we got lots of pics of flowers and foliage.

And we brought some daisies home with us and deposited them into a bud vase and a tall shot glass on the kitchen windowsill.

A few days later, I noticed we brought home a little bit more than plant matter. A tiny green inchworm had taken up residence on one of the daisies. I showed him to G - who promptly adopted the little creature. And named him Mark.

Mark is dead now. But he was a good worm. We will miss him.


  1. I like the new photo of you on the blog home page. Did Sister take it?

  2. Yes she did. Needed a headshot for a few things. She obliged in her new studio. I asked her not to tell me how much Photoshop she had to do...