Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I owe some people some writing. Two different clients. My business partner. My own blogs. But somehow Facebook, Twitter, my email, my Google Reader and the news all seem so much more important. Except they're not and I'm just constantly making my life more difficult by procrastinating. It's my way.

So, I owe you people a post. I've got some pictures I could throw up here. I can't take the time though - I'll just tease you with this: I have a tiny green inchworm living on some fresh-picked wildflowers on my kitchen counter right now. His name is Mark. He is apparently our new family pet. More on Mark later.

Give me a few days. I'll post some photos. And I've got a post ruminating in my noggin about my upcoming high school reunion. Twenty years, folks. Holy crap. And I'm the idiot who agreed to organize the thing.

More later. Much to write...

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