Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Crazy Mom Takes Four Kids to Omaha for "Getaway"

Yes. I am insane. Or I have balls of titanium, as my husband believes.

Today after lunch, I loaded up my four and hit the open road. Three hours north to Omaha for a two-and-a-half day sortie. Our plan is to hit the zoo and the children's museum and enjoy hotel living. Basically, just getting the hell out of our house for a while.

And my husband started a new job this week - so it's just me and the kids.

The drive was fine. The two little ones napped for a while. They all watched some DVDs. And we got here without incident.

At one point during the drive, my daughter asked me how many hours we had been on the road. It had been 15 minutes. (Also? She packed FIVE bags for the trip. I whittled it down to one.)

But, so far, so good. We checked into the hotel. I sprung for a suite so that the little kids could be put to bed in a bedroom behind a closed door while the older ones watched a movie on the sofa bed.

And now, the big kids are watching the movie and the little ones are STILL awake on the other side of that door. In and out of the pack 'n plays, playing, talking, singing, driving me slowly crazy. Any bets on what time they actually pass out? (I've already had to unplug the phone in there because they unintentionally called the front desk within about seven minutes of checking in.)

So, tomorrow the zoo. Hopefully, some pictures. Gotta go crack some heads in the bedroom.

To be continued...

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