Thursday, August 6, 2009

In Case You Thought I Was Kidding About That 5 Bag Thing

Here are the five bags my daughter packed for a two-night trip to Omaha. These were lined up by the garage door when I got out of bed on Wednesday morning.

These bags contained two completely random outfits (one of which included the shorts to a pajama set), two nightgowns, two pair of underpants, a bathing suit and goggles, four lip glosses, a hairbrush, six beanie babies, four My Little Ponies, an amusement park prize stuffed animal, her security Lambie (head poking out in far right of photo), a second stuffed lamb, one pair of Crocs, two compact mirrors, seven Dr. Suess books and a set of Crayola Color Wonder markers with Glitter Princess paper.

I told her that five bags wasn't happening. She assessed the situation and informed me that she really needed everything she packed.

Unfortunately for her, I then had to handle it.

We got that down to one bag with two different outfits, one nightgown, two pair of underpants, bathing suit, goggles, one lip gloss, hairbrush, Lambie, sneakers, two pair of socks and the Color Wonder shit.

Thankfully, we haven't yet had an emergency need for My Little Ponies.

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