Saturday, August 22, 2009

It Just Got Personal

You that pesky health care reform debate going on right now? The one I successfully managed to avoid reading about, hearing about or even thinking about. Until today. Yeah. That one.

And today it got personal, bitches. Mama's pissed off.

My husband changed jobs this summer. Our old health insurance was pretty good. Provided through mega-national-corporation. Our portion of the premium was reasonable. Coverage was good.

The insurance available at the new place is, well, less than optimum. With pricey premiums. And we'll just leave it at that.

So, I decided to investigate individual coverage plans. I applied for coverage for the family through our existing insurance company because I knew that we could still see all of our same doctors and because I figured they could see (via their history with us) that we don't cost them a whole lot of money - even though there are six of us.

I spent about three hours completing their application which forced me to try to recall five years worth of doctors' appointments and prescriptions for SIX people. Apparently I was supposed to save all of those records or something? Jesus.

And I took the follow-up phone interview in which I explained a few things in detail. And my husband took a follow-up phone interview to clear up something about a partially torn ligament in his hand that healed on its own.

Anyway, we got declined. Not "hey, we need to adjust that estimated premium", not "oh, you don't qualify for that coverage but you could do this one instead". Nope. De-clined.

Because one member of my family takes an anti-anxiety med. A generic anti-anxiety script that is available for $4 a month at most pharmacies. And went (past tense) to a counselor for all of six months to help work on the anxiety.

Mother. Fuckers. (And, members of my family who live in Pennsylvania? Hello there!. This is most definitely directed at your employer.)

To recap, I now have one week to accept the shitty coverage available through work, to continue COBRA at exorbitant rates or to procure coverage some other way (though now with the added ding on my record of having been previously declined for coverage). So awesome. (I guess I should be grateful that I have options?)

I'm pissed. And I'm panicked. I guess I need to go read up on whatever's going on in Washington...


  1. That is INSANE. And now I am feeling the panic because we are about to leave fabulous coverage due to a job change as well. Lovely. Guess I get to go be a grown up and read up on the debate, too (which I've been ignoring...)

    Glad you had a great time in Omaha - it is one of my favorite places.

  2. Didn't mean to panic you Jen! (I've been reading your blog and wondering what your up-coming big news was...did I miss the announcement?)

    Oh! And now I found out that we're not even eligible for coverage at the new job until after 60 days. Which means $1800 in COBRA payments to cover the interim...grrrrr.