Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mah Girlz

I've had this book sitting on my desk all summer. My daughter wrote it in her kindergarten class just before school ended. I found it in her backpack along with a huge pile of other papers in mid-June. It made me laugh so hard (and still does) that I had to share it.

It's titled "Me and My Girls".

Girls are awsum.
(Girls are awesome.)

Girls are not trubl makrs.
(Girls are not troublemakers.)

Girls are roolrs of the wold.
(Girls are rulers of the world.)

Girls owes war dress.
(Girls always wear dresses.)

Girls are one of the best hamins in the wold.
(Girls are one of the best humans in the world.)

And my personal favorite double-page spread -

Girls have honisty.
(Girls have honesty.)

Girls can camitucat.
(Girls can communicate.)

Seriously? Girls can communicate?! I'm assuming that the unspoken message here is that boys are lying, thieving bastards who can't communicate to save their lives. How did she learn this universal truth already???

So good.

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