Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Obama Brainwashes Children

Just picked my kids up at school (first and second grade).

Without further ado, here's what they had to say about the hubbub:

M: I saw Obama at school.
Me: What did he talk about?
M: You should never let down your country.
Me: What does that mean?
M: Letting down your country is bad.
Me: But what does that mean?
M: Quitting stuff. Like school.

G: And there was a senior president there. Named Tim Spicer. It was at Wakefield High School.*
M: In Virginia.

Me: What else did he talk about?
G: Responsibility.
M: And compassion.
Me: What is compassion?
M: Working together. I learned that from the counselor. Not Mrs. Frank though. We have a new counselor named Mrs. Graves. I'm scared of her puppets.

And that was that. Totally brainwashed, I tell you.

*This kid can't remember to brush his teeth thirty seconds after I tell him to brush his teeth, but he correctly remembered the name of the teenager who introduced the president and the name of the freaking venue of the speech.

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  1. Yeah, big hubbub in our school system too. They sent home waivers for parents to "opt-out" of the speech if they didn't want their child exposed to such a "controversial topic" as the importance of taking school seriously. My 4th grader said no one opted out in her class and the teacher engaged the kids in discussion afterwards on the importance of trying their best in school and being responsible for their own actions. But I'm keeping a close eye on her, just in case she starts exhibiting any signs of communist indoctrination. LOL!