Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words?

I needed a camera to take to the American Royal BBQ last night (my husband's band was playing). And I was experiencing a camera deficit. My point-and-shoot is kinda broken. It still takes pictures but the LCD screen is busted (as a result of being squished between my butt and an amusement park ride this summer). And my DSLR is at my sister's house.

So, I borrowed M's camera (which was a hand-me-down point-and-shoot we gave her for her birthday). Before I left though, I cleared her memory card. Saved its contents to my hard drive and wiped it clean.

Today, I sat down to look at what she shot. Here is life from the perspective of my 6-year-old:

Stuffed animals. Dolls. And herself. A pretty apt description of her world, at least as she currently knows it.

And then I also found this little gem:

M's Blair Witch Project from Kate McKinney on Vimeo.


  1. I definitely have pictures that compare to her doll pictures. I think mine were attempts at "family portraits" for the dolls. Of course, my pictures had to paid for in film development and printing. Maybe I should apologize to Mom and/or Dad for that absurd expense...