Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm Not Even Sure What to Say About This

My first grader has library check-out on Thursdays. She's turned into a little reading machine over the last month.

I open her door at 10:00pm to cover her up, only to find her lying in bed, finishing the last chapter of a Magic Tree House book (her current faves). She staggers to breakfast in the morning, tired because she stays up so late reading. She takes books in the car, reading Shel Silverstein aloud to me or taking in a few quick chapters of something if she can find a chair to sit in while I shop.

She likes fiction and non-fiction. She likes poetry and prose.

I was interested and amused to find this as one of her school library selections this week:

Weird, no?

(She has no idea who Oprah is, by the way. "I just wanted to learn about this lady.")

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