Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Instructions on How to Start the Day Right

* This one's goin' out to Amy in Delray Beach...

Step 1 - Watch this video (You'll have to click the link because the owners of the video apparently don't allow embedding. Total jackasses.) but - VERY IMPORTANT - fast-forward to the 21 second mark and watch to the end. Everything before then is ridiculous and stupid.

Step 2 - Repeat. As many times as your mood requires.

There you go.


sigh...I caught this during a football game this weekend on TV and had the vapors for about 20 minutes.

(I just can't believe he went to freaking Mizzou)


  1. Why do people send their kids to a school that can't spell their state's name correctly??

  2. More importantly why did that smokin' hot man go to school there? Blech.

  3. OMG-----I can't believe I got a shout-out!!!!!!!!
    Last week's episode was AWESOME.........He does put a smile on my face ;)