Friday, April 23, 2010

Micro Funny Kids

It dawns on me that much of what I used to write here now goes to Twitter. In 140 character snippets. Things that make me laugh but don't quite seem worthy of an entire blog post.

But I started this blog primarily as a way to record the things my kids do that give me the giggles. I don't want to lose those one-liners in the ether of Twitter (although the Library of Congress is now apparently archiving tweets - I probably won't consult the LoC in the future in a fit of nostalgia).

So, I dug back through some tweets and curated a few that still made laugh. If you're on Twitter, I'm @kbmckinney.

  • Just watched my 8YO play Minuet in G from memory at piano recital. (Not showing off, he forgot his sheet music. Par for the course.) So cool
  • Wonder what my 3YO was thinking while rubbing applesauce through his hair. Of course, I didnt notice til it was dry. Bestmomever...
  • The bright side of a KU loss? My husband cleans house when he's mad/upset. Vacuuming has commenced! Yay for my house!
  • What is the etiquette when one's 3YO loudly asks "WHAT'S THAT SMELL, MOMMY?!" in the presence of furniture delivery guy with bad B.O.?
  • Just had to tell one of my 3YOs that he is not allowed to give granola bars to the next-door neighbor's dog. Much to the dog's chagrin.
  • One of my 3YO twins wore safety goggles to my 8YO's awards assembly this a.m. We're fostering creativity, right?
  • Times I hate living in house backing to woods: 11pm when animal is screaming while likely being attacked by coyote or bobcat in said woods..
  • Kid #3 is now wearing winter boots b/c I can't find his sneakers. Prob have to go to Target to buy some now. Does this mean I'm unorganized?
  • Excuse me while I go tell my 8YO to turn down the Weezer and go to sleep. I'll be right back after the smackdown...
  • Yes, I did just use crow bars to take a manhole cover off our storm sewer to retrieve my 3YOs shirt. He threw it down there. #IAmWoman...
  • Just got to oldest son's after-school class. Realized when we got out of car that one of the 3YOs has no shoes on. #momfail
  • My youngest just came to me in tears and said, "I don't WANT to go to high school!" He's 3.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

And I Cried.

My first child had a little issue with haircuts as a small person. He was banned from Great Clips at age 2 1/2. The whole thing kinda freaked him out. Tears, snot, screaming, squirming.

It's all good now. He sorta even likes getting his hair did now.

My little guys have had several haircuts over their three years. And, other than the first one or two (which occurred on my bathroom counter with me on the shears), they've had them done at the local children's hair salon. The one with race car seats and buckets of DumDums. Because there's nothing better than a sticky sucker coated with bits of hair. Mmmmm.

My husband has been chomping at the bit to buzz the babies' hair (and, yes, they're still my "babies"). C had a nice floppy, bowl-ish look going. H had...well, he had a mess of hair. Thin but wild.

Hello, floppy.

Hello, wild.

I pushed him off for months but finally relented and said that he could buzz them for summer. Summer came early this weekend because they really needed cuts and I couldn't rationalize going to spend $30 on cuts now, when they were going to be buzzed in a month.

So, my boys lost their hair this weekend. And I cried. No sobs. But definitely tears.

They're suddenly not my "babies" anymore...sigh. (And we've sufficiently annoyed my mom - who hates the buzz cuts with every fiber of her being. Hi mom!)

(To explain the pics, my husband takes the boys on the deck with clippers. Less mess. Incredibly white t.)

Getting used to the clippers.

And, scalped.

This moment brought to you by my deck. I love my backyard in the spring. 'Cept for the pollen.

More clipper-getting-used-to action.

Good god, that was a lot of very fine hair. (And yes, his pants and shirt are on backwards. He is very much a "I do it myself" kid.)

This is his camera smile. He clearly needs Tyra Banks' help.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

What Happens When Boys Have Big Sisters

The scene in my front yard this afternoon:

Lest you think he was actually relaxing, beneath his head was - not a pillow but - a large rock from the neighbor's landscaping.