Friday, April 23, 2010

Micro Funny Kids

It dawns on me that much of what I used to write here now goes to Twitter. In 140 character snippets. Things that make me laugh but don't quite seem worthy of an entire blog post.

But I started this blog primarily as a way to record the things my kids do that give me the giggles. I don't want to lose those one-liners in the ether of Twitter (although the Library of Congress is now apparently archiving tweets - I probably won't consult the LoC in the future in a fit of nostalgia).

So, I dug back through some tweets and curated a few that still made laugh. If you're on Twitter, I'm @kbmckinney.

  • Just watched my 8YO play Minuet in G from memory at piano recital. (Not showing off, he forgot his sheet music. Par for the course.) So cool
  • Wonder what my 3YO was thinking while rubbing applesauce through his hair. Of course, I didnt notice til it was dry. Bestmomever...
  • The bright side of a KU loss? My husband cleans house when he's mad/upset. Vacuuming has commenced! Yay for my house!
  • What is the etiquette when one's 3YO loudly asks "WHAT'S THAT SMELL, MOMMY?!" in the presence of furniture delivery guy with bad B.O.?
  • Just had to tell one of my 3YOs that he is not allowed to give granola bars to the next-door neighbor's dog. Much to the dog's chagrin.
  • One of my 3YO twins wore safety goggles to my 8YO's awards assembly this a.m. We're fostering creativity, right?
  • Times I hate living in house backing to woods: 11pm when animal is screaming while likely being attacked by coyote or bobcat in said woods..
  • Kid #3 is now wearing winter boots b/c I can't find his sneakers. Prob have to go to Target to buy some now. Does this mean I'm unorganized?
  • Excuse me while I go tell my 8YO to turn down the Weezer and go to sleep. I'll be right back after the smackdown...
  • Yes, I did just use crow bars to take a manhole cover off our storm sewer to retrieve my 3YOs shirt. He threw it down there. #IAmWoman...
  • Just got to oldest son's after-school class. Realized when we got out of car that one of the 3YOs has no shoes on. #momfail
  • My youngest just came to me in tears and said, "I don't WANT to go to high school!" He's 3.


  1. I love the safety goggles - my 7 yo wants to wear princess stuff to everything - I think I would prefer safety goggles! I keep thinking that Belle has to be better than Hannah Montana...right?

  2. That is so cute Lmao about the high school comment form a 3 yo