Monday, May 24, 2010

I Spy from My Office Window

My kids love to play in our driveway and on our sidewalk - and I am very lucky that:

1. They are very good about staying out of the street.
2. We live at the bottom of a culdesac at the end of a fairly long subdivision street. (Very, very few cars make it all the way down this far...)
and 3. My office window has full view of all the goings-on in our driveway, on our sidewalk and in the culdesac (and is two steps away from the front door from which I can speak, yell, run, etc. as necessary).

So, I do let my kids - big and little - play out there while I get some work done in my office from time to time.

And this? This is what I saw when I looked out this afternoon.

Fishing the culdesac. And they were pulling in some whoppers too.

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