Tuesday, February 22, 2011

JB = Justin Bieber

A not-so-subtle hint left on my desk yesterday morning.

I bought her what she wanted - and a few non-Biebs songs too. Because nobody needs an iPod full of the Bieber. (I also removed the profanity-laden Ben Folds song I uploaded a week ago by accident. Whoops.)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love This.

Just so you know in plenty of time before the Royal Wedding. Which I will be setting the alarm to watch. Preferably with my 8-year-old daughter so I can pass along my unnatural obsession with the Royal Family.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Lessons for 9-Year-Olds at KU

My older kids discovered YouTube a few weeks ago. Or, I guess, they discovered that they could search YouTube and watch cartoons, movie parodies, bloopers and music videos.

I've been trying to keep an eye and ear out for inappropriate videos, which are, of course, abundant on YouTube. Apparently, I haven't been doing too good of a job.

This past Saturday, we took the kids and some out-of-town friends to Lawrence for the afternoon. It was a beautiful day after weeks of bitter cold and snow. We were excited to get out of the house and enjoy a brisk, sunny walk down Massachusetts Street and then through campus.

We sat down to eat lunch at Free State Brewery on Mass and G - my 9-year-old - started to tell my friend about this funny show he had been watching on YouTube.

"It's about this Jamaican Spongebob. He's called Spongebong Hemppants."

"WHAT?!" (That was me.)

"Spongebong Hemppants. He's really funny."

"No. You cannot watch that any more. It is inappropriate for children." (Me again.)


"Because it is actually about drugs." (At this point, I cannot believe I'm having this conversation with my third-grader.) "And those kinds of drugs aren't good. Really bad news."

By this point, his second-grade sister has tuned into the conversation. She reinforced the concept of "drugs are bad" so I know it's something they've talked about in school.

G responded, "Okay."

And then immediately followed up with, "So, is hash a drug?"

Somehow, Lawrence (home of the University of Kansas) seems like the appropriate place for my kid to learn about hash, no?