Tuesday, August 30, 2011

For Nedra

My babies are now about the same age that my older kids were when I started this blog. And I'm remembering why I had to start it. They are so unintentionally funny.

These two, because they've got older siblings, just want to be grown up. They want to act like the big kids and talk like the big kids.

Thus, H walks around constantly saying "Seriously?!" just like his big sister. Except it comes out "Theriouthly?!"

Today in the car:

They asked for the windows down and I obliged. They rode the whole way home from Target with their arms out the windows, saying "This is SO Wiccan!" (Uh, that would be their version of "This is so wicked!") "So freakin' Wiccan!"

Once again, I am so proud of my parenting abilities.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

First Game, First Goals

C & H had their first soccer game today. Pre-K herdball to be sure.

But they got it. The benefit of spending the last four years getting hauled to sibling soccer games is that you understand a little bit about the game before your parents throw you out there for their own entertainment.

I'm not saying they're MLS-ready or anything but it was pretty great. And they each scored a goal!

Here are the goals in all of their spectacular glory...