Thursday, February 23, 2012


I've been blaming my busy life for my failure to update this blog very often. And that is partly true. The other guilty party is Twitter. I tend to tweet about silly things the kids say or do more often that I blog about them lately.

Here's a good one from C (newly five-years-old) from today:

  • "Mom, is it okay if I say the word 'shit'?" (Uh, nope.) "Okay."

And from Twitter over the past few months:

  • "Don't lick my bandaid." (One twin to the other.)
  • Most important events of 2011, according to M (age 9): Osama bin Laden killed and The Muppets released.
  • Just found out parent meeting for daughter's new Brownie troop will be at Tanners [a bar]. Love this troop already..
  • Just got into major argument with my husband abt Jay-Z. Of course, he was drunk. My husband, not Jay-Z.
  • My directionally challenged husband: "Did you know Martin City isn't at 151st and Kenneth Road anymore?" Yeah, it never was...Good God
  • My 4YO has suddenly turned Canadian. Keeps telling me to "forgetabootit".
  • I have been anointed as the "worst mom ever" by my smallest kid. Just surprised it took until after 5 o'clock
  • "I wish only Dad & me lived here. Not you." So says the 4YO, who follows it up with "I'm ready to be nice now. Can I go outside?"
  • I've seen (but don't understand) husband/wife FB accts before. Today, I saw a joint LinkedIn acct. Is there a rational explanation for this?
  • My 4yo just informed me that "booty" is not a bad word. And that marshmellows are now called "barfmellows". Oh, to be 4...
  • One of my four year olds just told me he was going to bed. Is now putting himself to bed. Aaaaaand, he's back. "Just kidding," he says.
  • Call me a bad mom if you will but preschool Christmas programs are excruciating.
  • I hope they don't discover that Febreze causes cancer at some point. My existence (with 3 sons & a husband) depends on Febreze. Ew.
  • Yesterday, all of my kids were singing Red Solo Cup. Today, Friday by Rebecca Black. 2012 goal? Force my kids to listen to better music.


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